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Silhouette Character Line-ups Revised Again

After class, and several more critiques I came up with this line-up for my characters. I'm pretty happy with it and I think it reads better for my characters :).

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Egyptian Character Reference

Time Period: 379 B.C.

Cultural Influence: Ancient Egyptian with some Persian

Heroin Character: Auset (Aww-set)
Auset, a young and strong willed woman, obtained the throne from her father Hakor when she was 18. She was deemed the reincarnation of Isis at a young age; this would explain her caring nature and her strong mind.   After her father’s oppressive reign over the Egyptian people she vowed she would do everything in her power to help her people as well as maintain Egypt as a great Empire. Her people viewed her as a warrior, not only because of her previous dagger training, but because of her exceptional leadership traits. At times Auset can seem a little headstrong, especially towards her main advisor Haru, she only wants her people and followers to see her as a strong leader, and to trust her in the decisions she makes. Auset wants the best for her people and she will do whatever it takes to protect her people against the constant oppression of the Persian army.

Egyptian Symbols: Wings of Isis, Eye of Horus
Auset is another name for Isis.

Gadget Character: Haru (Ha-roo)
Haru is Auset’s main advisor and High Priest. Just turning 40, Haru is considered the wisest man in all of Egypt and the most powerful Priest. As a Lector Priest, or someone who could read the ancient texts of the gods, he knew an immense amount of Egyptian magic. Following the god Horus he was most known for his spells of protection. He trusted no one with his private spells, and because of this carried them on him at all times. Even though he was never officially given the title, he protects Auset like his own daughter. To those who don’t know him, Haru is a quiet silent man who only cares about his work and protecting the throne from any invaders, including Sutekh.

Egyptian Symbols: Ahnk, Eye of Horus, Scarab

Villain: Sutekh (Soo-tek)
Brother to Auset, Sutekh is a bitter young man who wants nothing more than to become Pharaoh. He has always aligned with the god Seth (Set), the god of war and destruction, and believes himself to be Seth’s reincarnation. After his father Hakor died the throne went to Auset because of Sutekh’s disability, he’s blind in one eye. Or at least that’s what he was told by the royal advisor Haru. Sutekh believes the throne is rightfully his and he has vowed to obtain it no matter what the cost. Recently he has aligned with the Persian’s. Once they came into power they promised him the position of Pharaoh. Sutekh cares nothing for his people, or for his family. He plans on killing Auset as soon as possible and secretly leading the Persian army back into Egypt so they may once again gain control

Egyptian Symbols: Scepter of Was, Ankh
Sutekh is another name for Seth (Set).
Set and Isis are Siblings

It is now 379 B.C.; Egypt is in a constant struggle to maintain its current standing as a powerful nation. Recently, the Egyptians have regained their nation after Amyrtaios of Sais expelled the Persians only 25 years ago. Auset the daughter of Hakor is currently the Pharaoh of the ‘new’ Egyptian Empire, after her father’s tyrannical reign she has vowed to do whatever is best for her people and the nation of Egypt. She has promised her people that she will do anything to protect them against the tyrant they all know as the Persian nation. Her brother Sutekh has another idea in mind; he is currently working with the Persian army in secrecy and plans on taking the throne from his unsuspecting sister. He will do whatever it takes to become the Pharaoh of Egypt, even if it means killing his own sister and many of his own people. Haru, Auset’s protector and advisor has heard wind of Sutekh’s plan and is doing everything in his power to make sure the violent prince will never have the throne.